Ceramic Shield Lite- 3 Year Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Shield Lite- 3 Year Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic Shield Lite- 3 Year Ceramic Coating

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Pack contents

1 x 30ML Ceramic shield Lite coating

1 x AD branded foam applicator block

3 x Branded Microsuede applicators

1 x Instruction card


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  • 3 Year Ceramic Coating
  • 3.5 H Hardness
  • Contact angle 107.5 degrees
  • Roll of angle 28 degrees
  • Swirl resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Easy Clean
  • Super Hydrophobic
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Flexible Coating

Introducing our latest addition to the Ceramic Shield range of products

Ceramic Shield LITE - 3-year Ceramic coating

Ceramic Shield Pro coating is our easy-to-use Ceramic coating.

Designed to offer a straightforward application process paring great durability. This product gives outstanding hydrophobicity and the ultimate gloss to your car.

Following lengthy development and an in-depth testing program, we are confident that you will love our Ceramic Shield Lite as much as we do!


Offering a lower degree of active ceramic content than the Pro means a longer working time can be achieved. This in turn makes application much easier for the enthusiast detailer. Suitable for a variety of surfaces including paint, PPF, Vinyl wraps, Gel coat, Carbon fibre, and plastics.

This Ceramic shield for your car or other vehicles is the ultimate layer of protection. Safe for use on Gloss, satin and matt painted surfaces creating an improvement of depth on both satin and matt surfaces.

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For optimal application ensure that the vehicle is clean and free from surface contaminants.

We recommend carrying out a paint correction stage prior to using a ceramic coating for optimal adhesion and finish.

  • The surfaces to be coated should first be treated with Prep -It surface preparation solution or equivalent to remove any residual polishing oils. ( Surface must be cool and dry)


  • To prime your new suede applicator, apply approximately 5-6 drops of coating spaced evenly across the surface. Upon subsequent applications a thin line applied along the centre will be sufficient.


  • Apply the product evenly to an area of no more than 40x40cm (15×15 inches) ensuring complete coverage and an even layer. We recommend using a cross hatch application technique to achieve this.


  • Allow the product to remain on the surface for 1-2 minutes before removing. Using a clean lint free towel lightly buff the area to level the coating before using a second towel to remove the remaining product. Always buff an area that is larger than that of the initial application to prevent product transfer and curing on adjacent panels.


  • Check the area with a suitable light source to identify any high spots or remaining residue. For a short period of time high spots may be removed by applying additional product and removing immediately. Care should be taken to to identify and remove any streaks or high spots before curing is complete.


  • Allow the coating to cure for approx 18-24 hrs at ambient temperature before exposing to rain/moisture for maximum durability. During the first 48hrs after application any water droplets should be removed by drying where possible to avoid the possibility of mineral deposits affecting the coating.


  • Curing can be accelerated by the use of infrared heaters/lamps


Remember temperature and humidity can affect the flash time of ceramic coatings. Higher temperatures or humidity levels my reduce removal times.

Ceramic coatings can crystallise on your applicator during installation, we recommend changing your applicator towels at least once during the process.

Coating Maintenance

Do not wash the vehicle for at least 7 days after application to allow the coating to fully harden before contact washing.

Use only Ph neutral or balanced products to clean the vehicle. The use of quality wash media and drying towels is also recommended.

Recommended Maintenance products

For your prewash needs we recommend Superfoam PH neutral snow foam for regular washing.

For the contact wash stage consider our Ceramic infused shampoo to clean and actively help maintain the ceramic coating at its optimum performance level.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Just used this today and as someone who has only recently started to wash and wax a car - follow the instructions and you'll be fine. Remember to make sure you're happy there's no swirls or scratches etc and don't rush it as it was actually very enjoyable


So easy to use! Ive read so much about Ceramic Coatings over the last 12 months but like others i was sceptical to purchase one and apply it on my GTR. I came across the AD Lite coating on the AD discussion page and listening to what Kev said about it i had to try it! So glad i did! The coating is so easy to apply and easy to remove! Ive had the coating on for approx 6 weeks now and the hydrophobic water beading on the paint is incredible, nothing sticks to the paint, not even Superfoam when i wash it! Well done Autobrite you have an awesome coating!


Super easy to apply and epic protection! The water behaviour is insane!


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