Become an AD Approved Detailer and elevate your business to new heights! Gain the trust of your clients by assuring them their prized possessions are in expert hands. As an Autobrite Direct Approved Detailer or Valeter, your work is recognized for its exceptional quality and professionalism. Stand out in the industry with a certified, skilled, and highly regarded business. Join the elite circle of AD Approved Detailers today and watch your business thrive!

What does the Autobrite approval involve?

The Autobrite approval process kicks off with a skills-based assessment day at AD HQ in Stoke-on-Trent. During this hands-on evaluation, you’ll showcase your detailing expertise and product knowledge by performing a variety of tasks on a provided vehicle. Our detailing team will closely observe your techniques, product and tool usage, and overall quality of finish.

The Business Side

After the practical assessment, we’ll dive into the business aspects. You might be asked about your approach to customer relations, business promotion strategies, and how you embody Autobrite’s values in your daily operations. This comprehensive assessment ensures you’re not only skilled but also align with the high standards and professionalism that Autobrite Direct represents.

Why should I become AD Approved?

Achieving approval from one of the largest car care companies in the UK ensures your customers that their vehicles are in expert hands. This certification highlights that your business operates to a recognized standard using top-quality products.

### Exposure

As part of the AD Approved network, you'll enjoy extensive promotion across our social media platforms, reaching hundreds of thousands of potential clients. You'll also be enrolled in our Trade Accounts Program, allowing you to purchase products at discounted rates. Additionally, you'll receive an AD Approved certificate and a digital approval logo file.

### Autobrite Website

All certified detailers are listed on our approved detailers web page, providing customers with access to your location, contact information, and web links. This visibility boosts your business's credibility and reach, connecting you with more clients who seek trusted, high-standard detailing services.



Approved clients will also gain access to online product support and information from our team of detailing professionals. You'll be invited to participate in new product testing programs, giving you the opportunity to help develop and shape future Autobrite Direct products.

Nath and trainee outside talking about the detailing process

What are the criteria for Autobrite approved status?

Approval candidates must meet the following criteria:

- Must have been actively trading for at least 6 months, with evidence such as social media pages or website content.
- Approved clients will be limited to a maximum of 2 per geographical location.
- Discount codes will not be available during sale periods.
- Candidates must hold valid insurance.

Only those who meet these standards will be considered for approval.