manufacturer defects removed

gloss enhancement

long lasting protection

Shields vulnerable areas


  • Keep your vehicle looking its absolute best!
  • Dirt, Road Traffic Film and Salt can build up on unprotected surfaces much more easily!
  • Long-term salt exposure can damage the car’s paint, causing corrosion, fading and loss of shine
  • A dirty windshield and windows can reduce visibility, especially during sunny days when the glare is high.
  • A dirty car can obscure number plates and lights causing safety issues.

Protecting these surfaces during winter is protecting your investment!

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“Machine polish”

Can’t thank the guys at Autobrite enough what a fantastic job they have done on my VW transporter. Cant wait to take it out.

Mark Worthington

“Ford Focus ST”

Love this company always help me make my car as presentable as possible whether it be at the track or at shows. Thanks AD!

Jon Davies

“Lexus Enhancement detail”

Great service and results lifted my paintwork up beyond what I expected! My car looks amazing after their efforts.

Kevin Brock

“Astra VXR Enhancement”

Very impressed with how my car turned out. Fantastic job and would highly recommend them and their products. Cheers lads

Grant Regan



  • Full exterior cleanse including chemical and physical decontamination
  • 12 months paint protection from our brand new Hard Coat sprayable ceramic coating.
  • Repel sealant applied to all exterior glass
  • Hard Coat ceramic sealant applied to wheel faces
  • Fabric sealant applied to carpet floor mats where applicable
  • Complimentary interior dry vac
  • Exterior plastics and tyres dressed
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