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Removing Bird Lime from Your Car’s Paintwork

Bird lime can be a real nuisance for car owners. Causing unsightly stains and potential damage to paintwork. But unfortunately, this is an unavoidable situation, as pigeons and other birds...

Bird lime can be a real nuisance for car owners. Causing unsightly stains and potential damage to paintwork. But unfortunately, this is an unavoidable situation, as pigeons and other birds cannot be controlled. 

At Autobrite Direct, we understand that removing marks and stains efficiently and in a safe manner is a priority in order to preserve paintwork. We’ve got a few hints and tips on how to safely remove bird droppings. Plus our recommended product and equipment that’ll help you to get the job done in no time! 


Understanding the issues with bird lime 


Bird lime or droppings are not only unsightly, but they can also cause harm to your car’s paintwork. Bird droppings are highly acidic and contain a high level of uric acid. This acid can damage the clear coat of your car’s paintwork, and the paint underneath if left untreated. Commonly known as ‘etching’.

This can lead to discolouration, fading and even corrosion. We always recommend removing bird droppings as soon as possible to avoid any damage. This reduces the potential for a mark to appear on your paintwork. 

Research has shown that the temperature change throughout the day can also affect how much a mark or stain will appear on paintwork. Meaning is extremely important to clean bird droppings as soon as you spot them…


AD Products to Remove Bird Droppings 


We have a range of effective cleaning products, all of which are excellent at removing dirt, grime and contaminants such as bird lime. However, there are a few products which are core to removing bird droppings effectively. 


Citrus pre-wash 


Citrus wash

A powerful yet gentle pre-wash or all-in-one purpose cleaner for your car. This formula is designed to rapidly break down dirt and grime upon contact. When applied to bird lime, it will break down the organic compounds making the removal of the droppings easier. 


Magifoam Ultimate Snow foam 


Magifoam products


One of our best sellers, this snow foam is an extremely effective cleaning product. With zero contact, dirt and grime are lifted from the car’s surface without the need for agitation. Blanketing your car in a luxurious snow foam, this product contains a blend of active cleaners, biodegradable surfactants, and foaming agents. 


Cherry Glaze Polish and Wax 

very cherry non acidic wheel cleaner

After removing your bird droppings, it’s important to protect your car against further bird lime damage. Whilst also enhancing your car’s shine with this product’s high-quality glaze. It will leave a glossy and protective coating on your car’s paintwork. Simply buff the product in your car’s paintwork using a wax applicator. 


Equipment for removing bird droppings from your car


To achieve the best results when removing bird lime, it’s crucial to have quality tools and equipment. At AD, we have a wide range of brushes, clothes and applicators which make cleaning your car easier and quicker. 


Woolen car wash mitt 


Wollen wash mitt for cars

Made of ultra-soft genuine lambswool, this mitt is the perfect companion for our cleaning products. When using a car shampoo, you’ll need to agitate the product on the car’s surface. This super soft mitt allows you to safely lift dirt and contaminants from your car’s paintwork. By using the mitt you can remove bird lime residue, and ensure a scratch-free cleaning process. 


Long reach brush 

Large wheel brush

The Hellshine long-reach brush is ideal for cleaning dirty wheels, tyres and engine bays. Great for agitating product into surfaces and removing tough dirt and grime. It will tackle just about any part of your car, as the bristles are extra safe and non-scratch. 


Detailing brushes 

extreme brushes set

This duo of detailing brushes are perfect for daily cleaning of surfaces, for a more intensive clean. Made using zero metal components, they have no sharp edges, and a textured grip making them easy to hold and use. The soft bristles ensure a gentle yet effective clean, to remove bird droppings. 


Microfibre Towels 


elegant towel

Once you’ve cleaned bird lime from your car’s paintwork, you’ll need to dry the surface ready for protection and finishing. Our microfibre cloths are perfect for this, but they’re multi-use and can be used for a wide range of jobs when cleaning your car. Our towels and microfibre cloths ensure a streak-free finish. 

Removing bird droppings from your car requires high-quality products and tools to ensure effective cleaning. It’s an important task, which should be done promptly to ensure a minimal amount of damage. Explore the range of products perfect for cleaning your car effectively…


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