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Understanding the power of detailing brushes when cleaning your car

When it comes to getting great results when cleaning your car, attention to detail is key. While a good quality shampoo, decontamination product and wax can go a long way,...

When it comes to getting great results when cleaning your car, attention to detail is key. While a good quality shampoo, decontamination product and wax can go a long way, there are certain areas of a car that require extra care and attention. This is where our detailing brushes come in. Offering a versatile and effective cleaning solution for agitating dirt and grime in those hard to hard-to-reach nooks. 

At Autobrite Direct, our team of car experts understand the importance of precision cleaning. We have specific detailing tools that help you achieve great results every time. They can truly transform your car cleaning routine. 


Why should I use detailing brushes? 


  • Precision cleaning 


Detailing brushes are designed with fine bristles that enable you to reach tight spaces and intricate areas, such as vents, emblems, grilles, and trim. By using brushes, you can complete a thorough clean of your tyres and other hard-to-reach areas. All without causing any damage or scratching the various surfaces of your car. 


  • Versatility 


Whether you’re working on the exterior or interior of your car, detailing brushes are versatile tools that can be used for a wide range of tasks. From removing stubborn dirt and grime to agitating products, detailing brushes offer an all-in-one solution for meticulous cleaning. 


  • Efficient dusting 


Detailing brushes are perfect for removing dust from delicate areas, such as dashboards, centre consoles, displays and touch screens. The soft bristles effectively pick up dust particles without leaving any scratches or marks. 


  • Interior deep cleaning 


Your car’s interior deserves as much attention as your car’s exterior. Our interior brushes are excellent for deep cleaning carpets, fabric upholstery, and hard-to-reach crevices. They agitate dirt and grime, allowing for easy extraction and thorough cleaning.


Autobrite Direct Detailing Brush options 


We offer a few options for detailing brushes. Each set has been designed with a purpose in mind and meets the needs of car enthusiasts. 


Autobrite Extreme 5 in 1 Brush Kit 

extreme brushes set

A detailing brush for every surface of your car. This brush kit has 5 interchangeable brush heads, meaning you can easily swap between brushes depending on your cleaning needs. Use it on your car or motorbike and pair it with our other AD cleaning products for excellent results both for the interior and exterior of your car. 


  • 1 x Natural Hogs hair brush head
  • 1 x Synthetic grey bristled brush head
  • 1 x Blue polypropylene brush head
  • 1 x Black soft synthetic brush head
  • 1 x Red super soft brush head


Wheels & Parts Brush- Heavy Duty 


Wheels and parts brush

As the name suggests, this brush is perfect for more intense cleaning jobs. Perfect for heavily soiled, badly affected wheels, and for removing brake dust.  

Pair with…

Very Cherry Non-acidic Wheel Cleaner 

This wheel cleaner is perfect for regular use on wheels. A non-acidic cleaner, yet it still contains a powerful blend of degreasers and cleaners to effectively remove dirt and road contaminants. Simply spray onto your wheels, leave for a couple of minutes, and then agitate with a heavy-duty detailing brush. 


DBS Detailing Brush Set 

Detailing brush

This duo set is perfect for daily cleaning duties. Made using 70/30 natural and synthetic bristles for more intensive cleaning, they also contain zero metal components. So no sharp edges to cause any potential scratches. 

Pair with…

The 16cm brush is perfect for exterior use, and when paired with our Just Wheels Shampoo, you’re guaranteed to get excellent cleaning results. And this product uses a premium formula of concentrated cleaning and degreasers. 

The 24cm brush is great for engine bay cleaning, and door shuts. Pair with our Citrus Wash Multi-Purpose Cleaner, for a rapid cleaner that effectively breaks down dirt upon contact. 


DBS Pro Detailing Brush Set 

dbs pro detailing brush set

These ultra-soft brushes are ideal for delicate surfaces and car interiors. This duo of detailing brushes contain zero metal components and has an ergonomic design specifically suited to sensitive areas. Great for removing dust from the central console and front air-con vents. 


How to use detailing brushes


To understand more about how to use detailing brushes, watch our YouTube video on using Autobrite Direct detailing brushes  


Detailing brushes are essential detailing tools for achieving truly clean and immaculately clean cars every time. Autobrite Direct offers a range of high-quality brushes that combine precision, versatility, and durability. With these brushes and our recommended products, you can tackle dirt and grime effectively, leaving your car looking showroom-worthy. Utilise detailing brushes and embraces the cleaning potential they provide you with.


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