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Find the Right Towel for the Job

Having the right towel makes all the difference. We understand this better than anyone. This is why we work hard to ensure you have access to all the tools you’ll...

Having the right towel makes all the difference. We understand this better than anyone. This is why we work hard to ensure you have access to all the tools you’ll need for the perfect finish.


Our full range meets the diverse requirements of detailers and car enthusiasts. We want you to understand the difference between our products and how to choose the ideal aid for the job at hand.

When choosing the right tool for the job can seem like a minefield, we’re here to simplify that process for you:



Multipurpose Microfibre Towels:

Our all-purpose microfibre towels designed to be cover a range of detailing needs. The short pile, 350GSM microfibre towels are ideal for interior and exterior cleaning. Perfect for glass, waxing, trim cleaning and wheel polishing. As a great all-rounder. The soft velvety towels are essential for your cleaning collection.



The Supreme Plush Premium Drying Towel:

With no need to wring out this 1200GSM towel even when drying larger vehicles. Offering speedy drying that detailers need without compromising on the finish. The plush premium premium-quality fibres and soft edges produce a smooth streak-free finish.




Ultimate Drying Towel:

Achieve a streak-free finish when drying. Made easy with the ultimate 1200 GSM drying towel. Drying your vehicle has never been so easy. With absorbent properties and an innovative blend of microfibre materials. This towel should always be a part of your car cleaning routine.



Velvet Fleece Microfibre Buffing Towels:

These multipurpose buffing towels should be a detailer’s go-to. removing polishes, waxes and coatings. Suitable for all surfaces including interior, glass, and paintwork. These leave the perfect finish meaning no lint or dust left on the surface.






Superior Plush Edgeless Buffing Towel:

Our Superior Plush Buffing Towel is suitable for softer paintwork. It gives you the peace of mind you need when working on a more delicate paint finish. Suitable for both application and removal. This 600GSM towel gives great results even on trickier surfaces.



Elegant Dual Sided Suede Edged Buffing Towel:

Working with the application, removal and buffing. Applying spray products such as Sealants and Quick Detailers. This dual-sided buffing towel has two distinct sides. Meaning ease of application. The alternate side will remove the product and buff it with ease.



Reflect Glass Towel:

Perfect for car interiors and easy to handle. The embossed glass towel contains carbon fibres meaning easy removal of bacteria. It is also ideal for perspex, and acrylics meaning it is the ideal cloth for all visual surfaces. But that’s not all. It’s ideal for motorcycle helmet visors, perfect when paired with our Extreme Vision +.




Ceramic Shield Buffing Towel:

Our latest product Hard Coat is a sprayable ceramic coating. The ultimate finish in automotive protection. Working as a robust shield for the exterior of your vehicle. Of course, we needed to ensure you had the right towel for the levelling and removal of our ceramic shield. Being dual-sided it ensures the product sits how it should.




Choosing the right towel for the job is essential for achieving professional results. Our range of towels means it is easy to find the right tool for the job. Catering for every detailing need from the perfect buffer to flawless interiors. Autobrite Direct’s premium cleaning towels elevate your detailing game.


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