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How to Clean Road Salt, Grit, and Winter Grime off Your Car

Winter poses unique challenges for your vehicle. Neglecting to clean road salt, grit, and winter grime from your car can lead to severe damage. We’ll teach you why cleaning your...

Winter poses unique challenges for your vehicle. Neglecting to clean road salt, grit, and winter grime from your car can lead to severe damage. We’ll teach you why cleaning your car in winter is essential. And explore effective methods, including Autobrite Direct’s specialised products, to tackle the challenges.

Should You Clean Your Car in Winter?

Cleaning your car in winter is not just about aesthetics—it’s essential for preserving your vehicle. Road salt and grit, though crucial for safe roads, can wreak havoc on your car’s paintwork. The corrosive nature of road salt can cause paint damage. This leads to the rusting of metal components, and this can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle.

The Challenges of Cleaning Your Car in Winter

Winter cleaning presents unique challenges. Cold temperatures can cause your vehicle to freeze if not cleaned properly. Moreover, salt needs thorough rinsing to prevent long-term damage. Neglecting these aspects can result in frozen doors and further complications due to salt residue.


How to Clean Road Salt Off Your Car

Autobrite’s Magifoam creates a dense blanket of snow foam that adheres to your paintwork. This encapsulates grit, salt, and road grime. The specialised foam lifts dirt safely away from the paint. Reducing the risk of scratches during cleaning.

Removing Build-up of Grime

Autobrite’s Citrus Wash and Decon Shampoo are gentle yet powerful cleaners. They rapidly remove dirt and grime without compromising the vehicle’s surfaces. Suitable for all paint types including matte finishes and vinyl wraps. These products are perfect for removing the build-up of winter grime. Use a high-quality synthetic wool wash mitt for safe and effective washing.


Thorough Drying for a Streak-Free Finish

The Supreme Plush Premium Drying Towel is designed to absorb large volumes of water. Its soft fibres ensure smooth drying, without causing swirls or scratches on the paintwork.

Supreme towel

Don’t Forget Your Wheels

During the winter months, your wheels are rolling through, salt and slush. This clings to your wheels building us a layer of grime. Autobrite’s BriteGel, a non-acidic wheel cleaning gel, effectively penetrates dirt, grime, and brake dust on your wheels. Pair it with the Autobrite DBS brush for a thorough wheel clean.

Using detailing brushes to remove dirt and grime from a car's wheels

Protection is Key

If you’ve gone to all the work of cleaning your vehicle this winter, you need to remember to protect it. Applying protection like Autobrite’s Hard Coat gives your vehicle an extra layer of protection against winter salt and grime. Ceramic Shield Pro, a 5-year ceramic coating, gives your vehicle longer-lasting protection. These products provide a protective layer against salt, grime, and grit. preserving your car’s appearance and structural integrity.

ceramic range

Additional Tips

  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule frequent cleaning sessions to prevent salt and grime buildup.
  • Undercarriage Attention: Clean the undercarriage to remove salt deposits prone to causing rust.
  • Avoid Freezing: Where possible, clean your car in a heated garage or on milder days to prevent water freezing on your vehicle.


Winter car cleaning isn’t just a matter of appearance. It’s about safeguarding your vehicle from potential damage caused by salt, grit, and grime. With Autobrite Direct’s specialised products and these tips in mind, you can maintain your car’s condition. Ensuring it remains in top shape throughout the winter months.

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