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6 Recommended Products from our 6-steps of Detailing Process

Here at Autobrite Direct, we’re passionate about cars, car detailing, and providing the best car cleaning products. As professional car detailers, we’ve developed a formula for achieving the perfect detail...

Here at Autobrite Direct, we’re passionate about cars, car detailing, and providing the best car cleaning products. As professional car detailers, we’ve developed a formula for achieving the perfect detail every time. It works for every kind of car, van, and truck.

Our 6 steps of detailing works through various areas and stages of the car cleaning, polishing, and protecting process. We work methodically, completing each step before moving on to the next.

We believe in our 6 steps and that’s why our products are all designed for at least 1 of the 6 steps of our detailing process. But which products are the best for each stage?… Find out how you can master each stage of the detailing process with Autobrite Direct…

Wheels & Tyres


First of all, we start with the dirtiest part of a car. Giving the wheel an in-depth clean is key to ensuring that the dirt on your wheels and tyes does not contaminate the other areas of the car. Notoriously, dirt is first noticed on your wheels. As they seem to attract thick layers of road dust, and grime in between their spokes. Not to mention heavy contaminants like brake dust.

We recommend starting off with a powerful cleaning agent, such as our Britegel Wheel Cleaner. This is our non-acidic wheel cleaning gel that clings to dirt, allowing the maximum penetration of dirt, grime, and dust. The sticky gel formula has tremendous cleaning abilities and foams up when agitated. Use this wheel cleaner and work into the wheels with our various-sized spoke brushes for excellent levels of cleaning.


Washing the surface of a car should be done in 2 steps. The pre-wash and then the car shampoo.

The pre-wash step removes and lifts dirt and grime from the surface of the vehicle without contact. This ensures that contaminants are removed from the surface of the vehicle before the shampooing stage. By removing these, you avoid rubbing them over your paintwork, which could damage your paintwork and cause defects. We always recommend applying a heavy-duty snowfoam through a lance, which is attached to a pressure washer.

Once this stage is complete, we move on to the shampooing stage. We recommend doing this using the 2-bucket method. Great products are our Citrus Wash Multi Purpose Cleaner or our Purple Velvet Luxurious High Gloss Shampoo. Using a wash mitt, apply the diluted shampoo to your car, shampooing as you go, then once finished, rinse off.


The 3rd stage of the detailing process is decontamination. This is where we remove impurities and imperfections that are more deeply contained in the paintwork of the vehicle. At this stage, it’s key to use a strong car detailing product. One which effectively lifts contaminants and won’t cause damage to the vehicle whilst doing so.

Our Just the Tonic Tar and Glue Remover is an excellent choice for chemical decontamination. Alternatively, our Fine Grade Cleaner Clay and Heavy Grade Cleaner Clay are perfect for physical decontamination.


There are 2 main methods of polishing a vehicle. Machine polishing and hand polishing. But whichever you prefer, we have the tools and products to help you achieve great results every time. The aim of car polishing should be to revitalise the car’s paintwork.

The AD Correct IT! Enrich Correction Polish is perfect for use with a machine polisher. Or, for a hand polish, our Chocolate Glaze Polish & Wax is a great option. Our scratch-out formula is designed for use with both machines and with cloths for hand polishing. Meaning it is suitable and efficient, however you choose to polish your car.


After putting in lots of effort in the first 4 steps of detailing, it’s only right to protect this hard work. Protection of your vehicle will help to protect it from the elements. This protection will make detailing your car the next time easier and will help to preserve that pristine finish for longer. We recommend using a wax or a sealant for the best results. Our Ceramic Ultra-Spray Sealant creates a rock-hard shine that solidifies.


The final step in our 6 steps of detailing. Finishing involves dressing various parts of your car for better colour saturation. This also includes cleaning your glass surfaces with a glass cleanerpolishing your glass, and then applying a glass repellent.


Detailing Kits

Want to order products suitable for each stage of the detailing process at once? Our detailing kits include various mixtures of products for achieving great detailing results. We have ultimate kits, kits specifically for cleaning your engine bayglass cleaning kits, and even kits to clean your soft top.


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