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Spring Cleaning Your Convertible

As spring emerges, the days get longer and “slightly” warmer it’s the perfect time to think of cleaning your convertible. While attention to the interior is essential, focusing on the...

As spring emerges, the days get longer and “slightly” warmer it’s the perfect time to think of cleaning your convertible. While attention to the interior is essential, focusing on the exterior, especially the soft top, could be the spring clean your soft top needs. 

Comprehensive Care Kits


The Soft-Top Clean & Seal Kit is equipped with everything you need for a thorough cleaning and protection process. The kit includes:


  • 500ml Fabri-Clean: Lifts grime, prevents moss and lichen build-up, and eliminates mould and bacteria.
  • 500ml Fabri-Shield: Provides a water-repellent coating for up to 12 months, keeping your fabric roof cleaner for longer.
  • Brush: An all-purpose scrubbing brush to assist in the cleaning process.
  • Applicator Pad: Ensures even and efficient application of Fabri-Shield for optimal protection.


With the Soft-Top Clean & Seal Kit, spring cleaning your convertible becomes a breeze. Revitalise the exterior, protect the fabric roof, and let your convertible shine under the spring sun.

Fabri-Clean Soft Top Cleaner


The first step in the Soft-Top Clean & Seal Kit is the Fabri-Clean Soft-Top Cleaner. Specifically formulated for convertible, cabriolet, or soft-top fabric roofs. This cleaner offers a dual action by cleaning and protecting. Its pH-neutral, anti-microbial formula contains water softeners and detergents that lift dirt and grime without causing harm to the fabric. The Fabri-Clean formula penetrates deep into the fabric, preventing the build-up of moss and lichen. It also eliminates mould and bacteria that could develop over time.

Fabri-Shield Soft Top Sealer: Long-Lasting Protection


To ensure your fabric roof stays cleaner for an extended period, the Fabri-Shield Soft Top Sealer provides long-lasting protection. This sprayable water-repellent coating is designed for soft-top roof fabrics. It creates a barrier against rain, splashing puddles, and other liquids. Preventing stains and other marks. The active ingredients in Fabri-Shield penetrate deep into the fibres without compromising breathability. Allowing you to keep water out while maintaining proper air circulation. This protection lasts for up to 12 months, ensuring your convertible is ready for any weather.

General Spring Cleaning for Your Vehicle


A comprehensive spring cleaning for your convertible involves attention to the entire vehicle. Start by thoroughly washing the exterior, removing the remnants of winter’s harsh conditions. Our range of high-quality car cleaning products, from our Purple Velvet Luxurious High Gloss Shampoo to our Britegel Gel-Based Wheel Cleaner, ensures that every inch of your convertible looks great. Fancy a fresh fragrance with your pre-clean? Try our new Snow Fairy Super Foam perfect for a a spring clean. Pay special attention to the wheel arches and undercarriage, where road salt and grime may have accumulated during winter. The interior deserves equal care. Vacuum the carpets, wipe down surfaces, and treat leather seats with a quality conditioner.


Why Spring is the Perfect Time


There’s no better time to give your convertible the attention it deserves. Embracing spring cleaning your convertible safeguards its appearance adding to the driving pleasure as you cruise with the top down. Enjoy the fresh air and the fresh look of your well-maintained vehicle. 

For tips on spring cleaning your convertible, get in touch with our team.


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