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Hydrophobic Car Products: What are they & should you invest?

Hydrophobic coatings provide a ‘water repellent’ seal on a vehicle. They’re great for ‘repelling’ water and dirt, which can make it easier when it comes to cleaning your car. Very...

Hydrophobic coatings provide a ‘water repellent’ seal on a vehicle. They’re great for ‘repelling’ water and dirt, which can make it easier when it comes to cleaning your car. Very much like a ceramic coating, they provide a ‘seal’ or ‘top coat’ to your car which helps to protect your paintwork. But a ceramic coating provides protection more so against swirls, and UV rays and is a durable ‘shell’ of protection for your car.

In short, hydrophobic coatings provide a repellent layer on your vehicle, whereas ceramic coatings provide a thicker harder layer of protection.


Are hydrophobic products worth it?


Because of the results a hydrophobic coating or top coat provides, most cars could benefit from using a suitable product. Whether you’re an enthusiastic car detailer, or you wash your car every couple of months, this extra layer of protection helps to repel dirt and water between washes.

Whilst waxes, sealants, glosses, and polishes are all great at doing their job and providing a level of protection. The more protection you can create on your car’s paintwork the better. Dirt, brake dust, oil, and grime can all damage your car’s surface. Both hydrophobic and ceramic coating provides another level of protection. As they are specifically designed to either repel dirt or create a protective layer.


How do hydrophobic car products work?



The active ingredient in most hydrophobic car products is SI02. Commonly known as silica dioxide, it’s found in its natural form in quartz. This material is self-bonding & creating a hard coating or layer, which is water-repellent.

Many people will have seen the water beading videos on TikTok & Instagram, and it is a hydrophobic product that creates these results. Because of the ‘layer’ created, water and dirt will sit on the surface, and either roll off or are easily removed with a microfibre towel.


How often do you apply hydrophobic products to your vehicle?


Microfibre cloth


Each hydrophobic product lasts for different lengths of time. Most sprays last between 9-12 months when correctly applied. Whereas washes that have hydrophobic properties last for around 2 months, as the layer of protection is lighter.


Hydrophobic Products from Autobrite



Our NEW formula Magiseal is a favourite for many AD addicts. It may not be a ‘purely’ hydrophobic product, however, this hybrid product is a ceramic-infused spray that gives great hydrophobic properties in the wash stage. It can be used either in a high-pressure snow foam or a low-pressure spray-on application. Simply spray on, rinse, and dry. It’s as simple as that!

Magiseal adds a durable layer of protection and hydrophobicity to your vehicle. Available in either a 500ml or 5 litre bottle.


  • SuperSonic SI02 Coating


Supersonic coating


Specifically designed for painted surfaces of your car, this Si02-rich nano-hybrid sealant creates a layer of protection for your car’s paintwork. It protects against UV rays, heat, bird lime, water, dirt, and oxidation.

The ‘nano-hybrid’ aspect of the product, bonds to the paintwork which protects against surface-level contamination. Simple to apply, spray onto your paintwork, spread with an applicator, and buff out. Once buffed, the Si02 coating will bond to your car’s surface for around 3 weeks. If applied as instructed, you can expect great hydrophobic results for up to 12 months. Available in a 250ml bottle.


  • SuperSonic SI02 Quick Detailer


Supersonic quick detailer


The perfect accompaniment to our SuperSonic Si02 coating, the Si02 quick detailer. It acts as a perfect top-up product, for your SuperSonic sealant. Keeping your car’s paintwork looking sharp, and ensuring it performs as best as it can.

This quick detailer is Si02-infused and creates a stunning gloss effect on your vehicle. Reacting with the bonds already existing from the Supersonic sealant, adding more protection against fallout, salt, dirt, and grime. The SuperSonic QD provides mild self-cleaning properties, can be used to remove watermarks, or even top up other sealants and waxes. As SuperSonic QD is PH-neutral and Si02-infused, it can also be used to top up ceramic coatings too. Available in a 250ml bottle.


  • Shield: Rain Repellent Screen Wash


As well as hydrophobic coatings which provide water repellency for your paintwork, we also have a product specifically designed to repel water and grime on your car’s glass surfaces. 

This screenwash is a quick and easy way to not only clean your windshield but provide a layer of protection against grime, bugs, and water. Adding a hydrophobic layer to repel and create a water-beading effect. Helping to increase visibility and maintain a clear and protected glass windscreen.


Can Hydrophobic car products be used alongside Ceramic car products?


Both hydrophobic and ceramic car products can be used alone in the detailing process, or together to provide an extra layer of protection.


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