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What to Expect on an Autobrite Direct Detailing Course

Are you passionate about cars and want to elevate your car care skills to the next level? Look no further than Autobrite Direct’s car detailing course. Whether you’re an absolute...

Are you passionate about cars and want to elevate your car care skills to the next level? Look no further than Autobrite Direct’s car detailing course. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced enthusiast. Our courses offer a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience. Leaving you with the skills and confidence to care for your vehicle the right way.


Back 2 Basics

Next Booking Date: October 14th 2023


Price: £60.00 pp


Are you new to the world of car detailing? The “Back 2 Basics” group training course is the perfect introduction. Led by our detailing enthusiast, Clive and our professional detailer and trainer, Kev. This course makes car care simple and accessible. Priced at £60 for a full day’s training, it’s an affordable way to kickstart your detailing journey.


This course is all about hands-on, practical learning. You won’t hear about car care techniques; you’ll get to try them out yourself. Many of our attendees have gone on to pursue further training.


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Foundation Course



Price: Starting from £250.00


Looking for a more in-depth introduction to detailing? Our Foundation Level Course is the way to go. Led by our professional staff. This course covers all the essentials to build a strong foundation. You’ll learn about engine bay cleaning. Effective wheel cleaning. Pre-wash procedures. Safe wash techniques. Chemical and physical decontamination. And much more. Focusing on preparation work, you’ll gain both knowledge and hands-on experience.

Our aim is to make car detailing accessible and enjoyable for everyone. This course is a fantastic way to begin your journey toward detailing perfection. One day of intensive training will equip you with the skills you need to elevate your car care game.


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Intermediate Detailing Course


Price: Starting from £500.00


Are you already familiar with the basics? Autobrite Direct’s Intermediate Level Car Detailing course elevates your skills. By focusing on machine polishing, paint assessment, and defect identification. This course assumes you know safe washing and decontamination processes. Or you have completed the foundation course.


You’ll delve into different paint and substrate types. Learn about various lighting solutions, and master the art of machine polishing. From compound and pad selection to protection application. This course equips you with the skills needed for that showroom-quality finish. Plus, you have the option to add Ceramic Shield coating preparation and application.


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Advanced Detailing Course 



Price: Starting from £900.00


Ready to become a professional detailer or want to take your skills to the highest level? Our advanced detailing course is a comprehensive A-Z of detailing knowledge and techniques. It’s designed for seasoned valeters and those starting a new venture in car detailing. This course is the culmination of years of experience and expertise.


The content of this course is tailored to your specific needs. covering advanced exterior safe washing, wheel care, paint protection, and much more. The course spans 4-5 days. You’ll receive a certificate of participation detailing the skills covered. Attendees enjoy discounted purchases in our car care superstore after completing the course.


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Why Choose Autobrite Direct for Your Detailing Course?


At Autobrite Direct, we’re passionate about car care. We’re dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. When you choose our detailing courses, you can expect:


Hands-On Learning:

Our courses are all about practical experience. You won’t only hear about techniques; you’ll master them through hands-on training.


Expert Instructors:

Learn from experienced professionals who are passionate about car detailing.


Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our courses cover everything from basic techniques to advanced skills. Ensuring you’re well-rounded in car care.



We offer competitive pricing to make high-quality education accessible to everyone.


Flexible Options:

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced detailer. We have a course to suit your needs and goals.


Exclusive Discounts:

Enjoy special discounts on car care products.


Certificate of Achievement:

Receive a certificate to showcase your acquired skills.


Invest in your car care skills and allow Autobrite Direct. Guiding you on your journey to trained detailer. Whether you’re looking for a solid foundation or aiming for advanced expertise. Our courses help you to achieve your car care goals. Don’t miss the chance to become a proficient detailer with Autobrite Direct.

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