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Understanding the AD Extreme Bike Range

The AD Extreme Range    The Autobrite Direct Extreme Range- Cleaning products and accessories that are specifically designed for mountain bikes, motorbikes, and off-road vehicles.  Autobrite Direct is well known...

The AD Extreme Range 


The Autobrite Direct Extreme Range- Cleaning products and accessories that are specifically designed for mountain bikes, motorbikes, and off-road vehicles. 

Autobrite Direct is well known for creating quality products that effectively clean and protect your car or van. AD enthusiasts and car detailing experts in the UK and globally use our products to achieve fantastic results. Whether you clean your car every weekend or have a car detailing business. The wide range of AD products means there is a product for every skill level and desired outcome. 


We’re still crazy about cars… 


Whilst we’re known for cars, we wanted to expand our product offering to other kinds of vehicle owners… Introducing the Extreme Range. A line of AD products that have been specifically designed for cleaning, polishing, and protecting vehicles with 2 wheels. Whether you’re an avid mountain biker, a motorcycle enthusiast, or even love quad biking, our bike products are perfect for removing heavy dirt and grime. 


A rundown of the Extreme Range 


Cleaning off mud and dirt


Whether your bike is heavily caked in mud or dirty from daily riding, our extreme bike cleaner is the first step. A gentle yet effective formula, this fast-acting bike cleaner is suitable for multiple surfaces. Fantastic at lifting dirt, grime, oil, and mud. Simply spray all over your bike, leave for a few minutes, and rinse off. This product is available in a ready-to-use 1 litre bottle, or if you know you’ll use this product in no time, try out the 5 litre concentrated option, and dilute as needed.


Once you’ve removed all of the excess dirt, as we would with a car, it’s time for a shampoo. And for bikes, we’ve developed our streak-free bike shampoo. A PH-neutral and salt-free product, which provides effective cleaning. Add this product to a bucket of water (as stated in the instructions), and using a microfibre glove wash mitt lather into all surfaces of your bike. Once you’ve cleaned the whole bike, rinse well with clean water. 


Degreasing chains 


On a mountain bike and other bicycles, your chains and sprockets require extra attention and care. Our chain and sprocket degreaser has been designed for this particular area. This effective formula cuts through grease and grime with ease. Simply spray on, agitate with a brush, and rinse.


Polishing and protecting 


Once you’ve put all of the hard work into cleaning your bike, it’s about enhancing the results and protecting your bike against future dirt and grime and the effects this can have on your paintwork. Our Duo 2 in 1 paint and metal polish is for your bike’s paintwork and metalwork. Contains micro-abrasives, and gloss-enhancing agents. You can use polish your bike using our microfibre applicators, or with a machine polisher. With this bike polish, you’ll see instant and noticeable results. 


The Autobrite Extreme quick detailer is an efficient way to protect your bike or motorcycle. This bike detailer adds a gloss to the surface of your bike, providing great water beading and dirt repellency as well as a great glossy finish. Use it as a top-up for your already existing ceramic or silicone dioxide protection, or as a great standalone product for unprotected surfaces.


For even longer-lasting protection, our extreme ceramic sealant spray offers up to a staggering 12 months of protection for your motorbike, bike, or quad. Just like our other ceramic products, this bonds to the surface of your vehicle. Therefore giving you great protection against heat, chemicals, and surface contaminants. Plus, extreme hydrophobicity. This ceramic sealant is great for paintwork, plastics, engine castings, and aluminium.


Cleaning your visor, glasses or helmet 


Whether you’re riding a mountain bike & protecting your eyes from mud splash or wearing a helmet on a motorbike, clear visibility is important. Intentional or not, headwear tends to get very dirty when riding a bike. Flies and road dirt can build up on helmets and visors causing your vision to be distorted. Our extreme vision + effectively cleans visors and enhances rain repellency. This handy-sized bottle means you can transport it around with you on your bike and clean your visor when required.

Need more information on our bike range? Drop into our store, or get in touch with the AD team


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