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Trucking good news – Autobrite are now sponsoring Reid Truck sport

We are proud to announce that we are now a sponsor of Reid Truck sport. Reid Truck sport is a local family-run race team with brothers Craig Reid #68 and...

We are proud to announce that we are now a sponsor of Reid Truck sport.

Reid Truck sport is a local family-run race team with brothers Craig Reid #68 and Simon Reid #89 at the wheel of the two race trucks.

They race in the BTRC (British Truck Racing  Championship) and have many race wins between them as you can see from the selection of trophies.

Craig is the current champion, winning the BTRC last year.

The family-run team has derived from Reid Freight, the family business that they all run on a daily basis.

The company started trading in 1978 under the name of Reid Transport and then became a limited company in 1980 with the name Reid Freight Services.

Reid Freight has been successfully operating out of Stoke-on-Trent (Staffordshire) for over 41 years. Through a fleet comprising of transit vans and pick-ups, 7.5, 12 and 18 ton curtain side vehicles, flatbeds, tail lifts, specialist vehicles including Hiabs, low loader, brick crane (extendable) and articulated, they have the vehicles for all types of jobs small and large.

The lads have been around trucks their entire lives so it’s only fitting that they took to truck racing.


Craig and Simon’s trucks now both have the Autobrite Direct sun strip and shield logos on each side which are visible at all times. To keep their trucks clean they also have an array of Autobrite cleaning products and accessories to make sure that they have the cleanest and best-looking trucks on the track.

They both race Iveco trucks and each truck has around 1200hp and 6500Nm of torque which means it gets up to 100mph on the back straight of Thruxton Circuit, which is where they are racing this weekend.

100mph in a vehicle that weighs around 5.5 tons is crazy so the stopping power needed for that is insane and the brake pads and discs need to be up to the job. Each disc is capable of braking temperatures of up to 400 degrees.

On average each truck will go through 10+ tyres during a race meeting which will cost a pretty penny and takes a lot of logistics to carry all of the spares needed.

Reid, for the first time since starting to race, has a full set of spares for their trucks which include an engine, body panels, brake disks and pads and many more parts.

This means that not only are they able to change body panels and the usual parts at an even but they can also change a full engine if they needed to.

The lads at Reid Freight are now also equipped to make their own fibreglass body panes and bumpers and also do it for other race teams when needed. They have also started to make some of their own carbon fibre body panels in-house.

Each truck is fitted with a selection of cameras so that the driver can see everywhere around the truck. This helps with positioning on the track and also defending positions during the race.

Craig and Simon are both extremely competitive and fantastic drivers. If you would like to check them out then make sure you tune in this weekend for the race.

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Good luck to Reid Truck Sport for the rest of the 2022 season.


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