Perfectly prepared panels every time! Prep-It.

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PREP-IT Description

Prep it is recommended for degreasing and cleaning of panels prior to applying coatings for maximum adhesion and easy application.


  • High Purity Solvents
  • Effective removal and solving of machine polishing oils, wax and polish residue.
  • A must for surface preparation prior to coating application
  • Powerful cleansing and degreasing properties
  • Creates a smooth anti-static surface for optimum LSP bonding and durability.

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Autobrite Direct PREP-IT is the perfect surface preparation product for your paint correction and protection process. This product contains high purity solvents combined with degreasing additives that allow easy dissolving and removal of unwanted polishing oils, fingerprints, cleaning product residue etc.

A must for ensuring a clean panel prior to application of Ceramic coatings, Sealants and Waxes, allowing your chosen paint protection to achieve its maximum performance.


How to use

For best results, lightly mist a soft buffing towel and wipe over one panel at a time using light pressure and overlapping strokes, then using a second soft towel buff the treated panel to fully remove the wet product residue leaving a clean and dry smear-free finish.




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