How To Use Quick Detailers

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Every car enthusiast knows that if you want to maintain the best image for your vehicle, retain the resale value and reduce the appearance of marks on the paintwork, that weekly washing is necessary. Even the most enthusiastic car carers know that this can be a chore and that modern working people simply do not have the time. So, if like most, you have a dirty car but no time for a wash what can you do? The answer is a car detailing spray! 

How to Use

Quick detailer or car detailing spray is easy to use, simply spray onto the bodywork and work into the paint with a buffer cloth to remove dirt, grime, dust, and fingerprints. Most manufacturers recommend completing this panel by panel and then adding a second coat to boost shine. While car detailing spray will remove heavy dirt, it’s most effective when employed to remove light markings and is normally used between washes or to boost shine before shows.

Take it Inside

Thanks to their ability to quickly remove dirt and boost shine car detailing sprays aren’t reserved only for the car’s exterior. It can be used on the interior of the car on chrome trims to improve shine and reduce dullness, on the dashboard to remove dust, and even on the carpets to improve colour saturation. This is particularly handy for car shows but can also come in handy when children (or adults) get fingerprints on the handles, windows, and door cards.

Things to Consider

Although car detailing spray is a quick fix it’s important that it is applied using the right materials. To avoid scratches, it should always be worked into the surface of the car with a clean and dry microfibre cloth or lambswool mitt. Once the mitt has been used to remove the dirt, a secondary cloth should be used to buff off the rest of the product.